Every month I interview someone that I personally know and work with, who is related to the real estate industry.

Vivian and I were introduced by Young Kim, a home stager in Virginia. Although we are both members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IHASP), I got to know Vivian through her entrepreneurial venture, Home Staging by Vivian, a home staging company based in Bethesda, MD. There are many things I love about Vivian: she is talented at home staging, has an eye for design, and can figure out how to stage challenging spaces. I also had the chance recently to see her in action on a large home staging project. The funny thing is that when I preview homes as a realtor® in Washington DC or Bethesda/Chevy Chase, I can instantly recognize the homes she has staged without knowing she was involved in it. I like her style! No wonder that she is the preferred home stager of top real estate agents in the Washington, DC/Bethesda area. I recently had a chance to catch up with Vivian about her home staging business:

Valerie: Where were you born? Vivian: Charlotsville, MD

Valerie: Where do you live? Vivian: Potomac, MD

Valerie: What is your favorite aspect of being a home stager? Vivian: Let everyone see the potential.

Valerie: What are your three top tips for home staging? Vivian: Clean, Clean & Clean

Valerie: What is your favorite room to stage? Vivian: Bathroom

Valerie: What is your favorite color for home staging? Vivian: Blue and White

VG: Any styles tip you want to offer? Vivian: Stay current

Valerie: Quote to live by? Vivian: Live every moment

Valerie: Where was the last place you travel to? Vivian: Aruba

Valerie: What is your source of inspiration for home staging? Vivian: Color

Valerie: Any funny stories you want to share about home staging? Vivian: What happens with Home Staging by Vivian stays with Home Staging by Vivian

Valerie: When I am not working, I am………..Vivian: shopping for work

Valerie: What’s the tool that you use the most during home staging? Vivian: Intuition.