Valerie Greene Agent Review Brightwood DC

I cannot thank Valerie enough or recommend her more highly! She not only helped me find the exact house I was looking for, but also helped me navigate the complexities of a super competitive sellers market. She was super patient, persistent and fun to be with, as we searched for the “needle in the  haystack” in Crestwood, 16th Street Heights, and Brightwood in DC. I was looking for an older bungalow with a yard, but not too big and definitely not too renovated or too expensive and so…..we saw a lot of homes. Valerie also sent out targeted mailers in those specific neighborhoods based on my search criteria and budget. When we found the “just right” house, Valerie persisted and as a result of her advice and efforts, we beat out 15 other offers to get the house! Then Valerie continued to work beyond the closing, ensuring that the landscaping which had become unkempt between showing and closing, was freshened up before I moved in. If you want to find that “just right” house and have a chance of actually getting it, I recommend you call Valerie as soon as possible!