Managing the sale of a probate property in Washington, DC & Maryland.

Many people find that inheriting real estate can be more stress than it is worth and would rather just sell and get the cash, along with the emotional release of knowing they can move on. Yet probate transactions can be overwhelming and it requires a methodical approach.

Valerie Greene has prepared a checklist to prepare your probate property for sale and avoid common mistakes.

Probate properties may require services that a typical house sale would not. The estate may need its personal property appraised, cleaned out, or repaired for sale.

Valerie Greene can coordinate with general contractors, junk removers, home inspectors, home inspectors, locksmiths, landscapers, appraisers, cleaners, charities, estate sale companies, etc..

If you are tasked with selling a probate, trust or inherited property, Valerie Greene can help! She is a certified probate real estate specialist (CPRES). 

Get in touch with her and she will send you “the Administrator and Executor Ultimate Tool kit to successfully navigate probate” for free. It includes:


1Free E-Book:  “The 7 biggest mistakes administrators and executors when going through probate and how you can avoid them”.
2Glossary Term Cheat Sheet:  “Your shortcut to the essentials to help you stay on point.” 
3Probate timeline:  “Know what to expect when, boost your confidence, sleep better and avoid unwelcome surprises”
4Free probate real estate comparable market analysis: “Know what the real estate is worth. Discover the best strategies to move forward”.
5Flow chart of Executor/Administrator duties: “10 Most Important Probate Executors/Administrators Duties and Responsibilities Guide”.

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist


The Probate Timeline:

Prepare and file petition for probate1-3 months
Court hearing on the petition for probate2-3 months
The following are issued: Letter of administration, orders for probate, duties and responsibilities, issue bond (if ordered) & Letter testamentary.2-4 months
Notice to creditors2-4 months
Notice to Department of Health Services Inventory & Appraisement4-8 months
Pay state and federal taxes6-12 months
Allow or reject creditor claims 
Possible preliminary Distributions 
Notice to Department of health services (if deceased received medical) 
Notice to Franchise tax board (if heir is out of state) 
Claim of exemption (if asset transfer to a minor)6-15 months
Receive final tax letter from state and federal (if appropriate)6-18 months
File petition for final distribution and accounting8-16 months
Hearing on petition for final distribution  
Distribution of assets to heirs9-17 months
Final discharge order9-18 months
Final distribution of funds9-18 months